Vision and Mission




  • To attain customer loyalty by providing the highest standards of quality products suitable for various business segments and for all age groups across Ghana and the world.
  • To focus on innovative production processes through constant research and development as well as to use raw materials and technology that is environmentally friendly and that further caters to the interest of the future generation.


To drive the market forward with high quality, Ghana-made products that complement the diverse lifestyles and address their varied needs.

Our Values

At the heart of our ambition to excel are 4 pillars that reflect the core values of Flamingo Paper Limited. These pillars define our purpose and drive us towards our goals.


We are driven by integrity and respect for all cultures, races, and ideas. We value transparency and practice honesty in everything we do.


We place customer satisfaction above everything else and ensure products that stem out of Flamingo Paper Limited meet the highest standards in quality.


We believe that as a team we can achieve far more than our individual capabilities. Our team of highly skilled and equally passionate individuals works collectively towards achieving a shared vision.


We commit ourselves to respect all individuals – our employees, our clients, our suppliers, our customers, and everyone who connects and interacts with Flamingo Paper Limited.